seven suns

  • Small Coffee Farmer (Lingtong, Sumatra)
  • Harvesting Coffee (Guji Shakiso Farm, Ethiopia)
  • Ethiopian Heirloom Coffee Beans Ripe and Ready to Pick
  • Coffee Cherries Coming to Mill to be Processed
  • Hand Sorting Green Beans on Raised Beds
  • Maintaining Separate Micro Batches to Isolate Highest Quality Coffees

  • Green Coffee Beans Ready to Roast
  • Washing Mill Station in Java Sunda
  • Flowering Jasmine Tea
  • Glass Teapot Set (infuser not pictured)
  • French Press Brewing Vessel
  • Shop location in beautiful downtown Wolfeboro, NH
  • Our hand hammered copper Ozturk coffee roaster which uses solar power and propane
  • Stages of coffee roasting
  • Turkey brie and pear with local raw honey and toasted walnuts
  • Italian espresso machine pouring beautiful shots of our Suns Espresso
  • Priming the espresso machine
  • Summer Special Crepe : Lobster Eggs Benedict
  • Beautiful downtown Wolfeboro, NH
  • Showcasing different beans

single origin beans

 Like fine wine, beans from different regions produce different flavors. We hope to showcase different flavors one region at a time, in addition to some of our house specialty blends. Our coffee brokers negotiate "farm gate" prices directly with the farmers to ensure that fair work gets fair pay. Most of the time our coffee suppliers are receiving 50%-100% over fair trade minimum wages. We source primarily certified Organic beans to ensure our dollars support a better future for coffee

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hand blended teas

Tea is the elixir of life. It is long respected for is vast healing properties throughout the history of many cultures. We hand blend prized teas with dried herbs, flowers, and fruits to bring you a delicious combinations unlike any other. We serve our product in hand blown glassware so you can see you tea dance in the pot as it steeps. From, the first sight & smell of our beautiful creations, to the unwelcome last drop you'll evoke all your senses with this new age tea time.

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fresh crepes

Sweet or savory, crepes are a unique universal way to enjoy almost any flavor combination.The best crepes start with the best ingredients, that's why we choose to support local fresh organic farms whenever possible to ensure we not only bring you the best quality food, but that in turn our money goes to support the right kind of businesses. Come in a try a traditional crepe suzette: a delicate crepe topped with a house sauce made with organic oranges and luxurious gran marnier.

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featured crepe

Fall Feature: local raw goat cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, toasted almonds with a drizzle of honey and a touch of lemon.


green coffee origins

fresh juices & smoothies

Vegetable & Fruit Blends

All the vitamins you'll ever need can be found in our fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Our combinations taste great first of all, and are more than great for you. Iron, Vitamins A, B, C, Calcium can all be found in amazing quantity in fresh juices. See how healthy and happy you can feel.

Try a juice fast for a 3 days to really reboot your system!


Our frozen delights will tempt you all year long. Frozen organic fruit is blended with creamy vanilla yogurt for a healthful sweet treat all year long.

We also make frappes from the Sandwich Creamery ice cream we carry. Try an old favorite or create something new!

Try our house frozen mocha with a double shot of fresh pulled espresso!